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Welcome to the Hair Weave Masters Site where you will find the hair and products of your dreams.  We have over 28 years of experience in this industry. We not only offer the Best natural Luxurious Human hair, but you can also find a list of the Mastery Services we offer to install your extensions.  We aim to offer the best services and customer service you can find anywhere.  We don't want stylists to feel left out we also offer the latest greatest innovated School of Extension Mastery training for future Hair Weave Masters.

About us



Our Vision is to change how everyone looks at the industry of beauty. We provide the Difference .. with our Private installations, customize growth products & plans for you hair journey ..and lastly custom Luxury Extensions that fit your hair type and needs. We even offer to share this unique HWM perspective to stylist nationwide with training based on their strengths & weaknesses. We ultimately want all to achieve their best self.  


Our mission at HWM Hair is to help Striving women achieve a Gorgeous, yet Professional Image by adding our Luxurious Extensions. We also want to prioritize her natural hair's health in order to grow it to its healthiest state and length. The HWM added touch of Confidence She acquires from our image Enhancements will give her the Versatility, Time, and Longevity that makes it easier for her to thrive on her Journey to her Dreams.  Altogether Making her unstoppable!

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