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  1.  Please pre-shampoo, shampoo, and condition your hair before applying this system. ​

  2. Please apply to dry clean hair.

  3. Apply a couple of drops from one dropper of HWM Serum firstly into the thinning areas like the edges of the crown and then use the remainder of that one dropper on the rest of the head in a star pattern. (You can apply your Derma roller during this time to the thinning slow to grow areas). 

  4. Apply a 2-minute gentle massage in those area of the scalp to help the serum stimulate the scalp.

  5. Apply a dime size of the HWM Moisturizing Growth Butter to your leave out hair, edges, and any hair that is experiencing dryness.   (Be sure to mix the butter with your finger to be sure to get an even amount of Chebe herbs when you apply it.  It is normal for it to melt in your hands before you apply it.

  6. Lastly apply one dropper of HWM Hair Sebum to the hair that will be either styled or put away.

  7. Do these process 2 times a week. 

  How to use your HWM Growth System products:

Growth Serum

Moisturizing Growth  Butter

Hair Sebum

How to use
HWM Shampoo System

1. (Comb Out all your hair)

Step one shake up the pre shampoo treatment then spray the full head until it all is saturated.  Work it through the hair. 

2. Shampoo the hair with HWM Shampoo.

3. Rinse and follow with the application of your HWM Conditioner. Extension wearers may use the original HWM Conditioner. Natural hair wearers can use their choice of either the HWM Deep Conditioner or the original HWM Conditioner .  Each clients can choose which level of conditioning needed according to their hair needs and hair condition level.  (let hair stay in conditioner for 10-25 minutes as needed)

4.Lastly rinse and air dry or use a hood dryer to finish drying the hair.

Shampoo your hair at least 1 time a week and follow with the HWM Growth System for the best hair growth and health results.. 

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